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Wellness Exams

Dake Veterinary Clinic believes that prevention is the key to your pet's long term health and minimizes the lifetime cost of care. This means our doctors highly recommend routine wellness exams, vaccinations, regular lab work, deworming, and medications to prevent heartworm, fleas and ticks.

Spays & Castrations

Neutering is a very important aspect of veterinary medicine. Please feel free to sit down and discuss this elective surgery with our Veterinarians.

Emergency Care

No one wants to think about our pets becoming injured, but accidents do occur. The staff here at Dake Veterinary Clinic are here to provide the best possible medical care to help get your family member back on their paws.

The decision to allow your beloved companion to undergo surgery is never an easy one. Despite the confidence we have in our abilities, we know that surgery is difficult for both you and your pet. This is why we work as hard as we do to ensure your pet's procedure is as comfortable and stress free as possible.


 General anesthesia can be a source of great anxiety to some, and justifiably so. Here at Dake Veterinary Clinic each pet that is undergoing anesthesia has a protocol that is individually tailored to their unique needs. We use injectable and inhalant anesthetic protocols and have constant monitoring to make this process as safe as possible. If you have any concerns about your pet undergoing general anesthesia please feel free to talk with our veterinarians. 


Micro Chipping

This piece of technology is available here at Dake Veterinary Clinic to keep your mind at ease if your pet becomes lost.

Dental Care

Our canine and feline friends require routine dental care just like we do. Clean teeth can lead to a healthier lifestyle, and is another part of preventative medicine. 

Dake Veterinary Clinic believes that when you travel for pleasure or business, you shouldn't have to worry if your pets are in safe hands. We offer your pet a safe and welcoming place to stay at our hospital's climate controlled indoor boarding facility. 

We feed our guests Hill's Science Diet, but also allow owners to supply their pet's food from home with specific feeding instructions. We also recommend that our clients to bring a special toy or personnel item from home so their pet is more comfortable during their stay.

We ask you to make a reservation, especially prior to holidays, and require all pets to be up-to-date with their vaccinations. For dogs this includes rabies, DHLPP, and bordetella. Cats must have rabies, feline leukemia, and FVRCP.

Diagnostic Imaging

X-rays and ultrasonography are important non-invasive techniques used at Dake Veterinary Clinic to help localize areas of concern for your animals.

Lab Work
By utilizing local laboratories we can obtain quick lab results to many tests the same day of submission. Quick turn around on these tests can offer many advantages to help treat your pet in a timely manner.

With an in-house pharmacy we can quickly and efficiently treat many diseases the day they are diagnosed without the inconvenience of you having to travel to a local pharmacy.

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